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Get an accurate vehicle valuation right when you need it through VINsmart’s auto auction VIN search. We partner with J.D. Power® to give you comprehensive data by VIN number on whatever car you’re evaluating.

Run an auction VIN lookup for $4.95 per report, along with a recall check.

VIN Check at Auction for Current, Accurate Data

You don’t have to go into a major purchasing decision at an auction blindly. Through VINsmart’s auction VIN search, you can get accurate insights into a vehicle’s condition and value, quickly and conveniently. This empowers you to make research-driven, financially-informed choices.

Here’s How the Process Works:

Give us the vehicle’s VIN number, and we’ll run a search through the J.D. Power® databases to generate valuation information.

Purchase a valuation report for $4.95, and you’ll instantly see the full picture of the given vehicle.

Assess the information, and use it to help you determine a vehicle’s condition, its worth, and more.

Check a VIN Number

What Is an Auction VIN Check?

Auctions can be great places to spot deals if you’re well-informed. Looking up the value by VIN number pulls up real-time, relevant data that can help you make decisions about whether to buy and what to pay for a vehicle. It even flags theft, saving you from the liability of unknowingly buying a stolen car.

Why Should You Run a Car Auction VIN Search?

If you’re thinking about buying a car at auction, running a VIN check is a great way to know if you’re making a good decision. What’s the title history? What’s the estimated value of the vehicle? All of these questions matter when you’re considering a big purchase, and you get this information through a vehicle title history and valuation report.

If you’re a dealer, you want accurate, updated vehicle information too. Not only can vehicle history reports help you understand your inventory, but they can increase buyer confidence at your auctions.

With VINsmart, you can get co-branded reports with your business name, giving buyers peace of mind about what they’re bidding on, easily and inexpensively. We even offer discounted volume pricing where you can buy more and save more, with reports as low as $3.50 for certified dealers.

Why Should You Choose VINsmart?

VINsmart offers up-to-date vehicle valuations and history reports, so you have the knowledge you need on a car’s title history, damage, salvage, flood, total loss data and recall history. With us, there are no commitments, no monthly fees, no contracts, and no minimum purchase requirements.

We provide National Motor Vehicle Titling Information System (NMVTIS)-specific data and J.D. Power and Black Book vehicle valuations. You can access your reports anytime with our 24/7 dealer portal. Plus, we provide exceptional, one-on-one customer support. Buy, sell and trade smarter with us!


Do I have to register to get a vehicle history report?

No, just provide the vehicle VIN number and your credit card information; although, we recommend you register if multiple reports will be needed.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes. We have apps for Apple iOS devices, available on the Apple Store. Simply search for VINsmart and download!

Can I check more than one VIN at a time?

Yes. Once you register, enter the number of reports needed, and request them as desired.

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Minimize your physical and financial risk when purchasing a used car with a comprehensive vehicle history report.

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  • NMVTIS National Motor Vehicle Title Information Systems
  • J.D. Power
  • NVS - National Vehicle Service