Carfax vs. VINSmart

VINSmart vehicle history reports are affordable, reliable, easy to generate and easy to read. When comparing VINSmart vs. CarFax, there really is no contest.

VINSmart has partnered with the National Motor Vehicle Titling Information System to offer the best and most reputable information possible in every report you buy, something CarFax can’t do.

VINSmart will search for vehicles with any vehicle identification number 17 digits or less. If the data is available, VINSmart provides a comprehensive report which assists in the buying and selling of used cars. If a report is not generated by NMVTIS, our customer is not charged. VINSmart offers a money back guarantee if information cannot be validated.

VINSmart offers volume report pricing with no activation or subscription fees. On the run? Download our mobile app in the iPhone or Android stores.

If you’re looking at why you should choose VINSmart vs. CarFax, look to our consumer reputation, trusted vehicle history partners and world class customer service. Companies such as CarFax, Experian, DVMDesk and more are not authorized to offer NMVTIS information on consumer reports and can only offer that valuable information to used car dealers.

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