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What separates VINsmart reports from the competition? Accuracy.

We partner with the most reputable national industry organizations to provide you reliable and accurate vehicle history information in every report.

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Our reports are only $9.95 with discounts for purchasing multiple reports. No subscription or activation fees required. Search for a VIN and get your report instantly. Purchase each report as needed or buy prepaid credits in bulk for even more savings.

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Vehicle History Report

Vehicle History & Title Info

By partnering with the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), we have the industry’s most extensive vehicle titling information. See what to look for in a vehicle history report.

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Vehicle Value

We include data from J.D. Power to offer you the most market-reflective and trusted vehicle pricing information for used autos, cars, SUVs and trucks.

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Vehicle Lien Check

We search for any liens currently attached to the vehicle you’re looking to buy or sell by partnering with the National Vehicle Service (NVS) which facilitates the sharing of public vehicle lien information.

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Vehicle Recall Info

We check for recall information to identify historical recalls and also provide new alerts as they come in. The data is provided by the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA).

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  • NMVTIS National Motor Vehicle Title Information Systems
  • J.D. Power
  • NVS - National Vehicle Service