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Vehicle History Reports & Title Report

VINsmart offers vehicle history reports and value reports to our customers to assist the used car buyer in making informed and safe decisions. To do this, VINsmart has partnered with the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS).

VINsmart is an easy, inexpensive way to purchase a vehicle history report with vehicle values. By simply entering a vehicle identification number (VIN) into VINsmart, consumers access the best available national motor vehicle titling information database. Consumers can purchase one report at a time or register for an account to purchase multiple reports. Once purchased, reports are displayed immediately and can be sent to an email address for later review. VINsmart’s mobile app, available for iOS and Android, also makes it convenient for users to check for vehicle history and value wherever they may be.

NMVTIS is the only titling information database in the nation to include data compiled by participating state motor vehicle agencies, insurance carriers, salvage auctions, and auto recyclers. This database allows VINsmart to offer customers an seamless and informative process in the motor vehicle title search.

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VINsmart’s vehicle history report contains a wealth of information to assist the prospective used vehicle customer in making an informed decision when purchasing a vehicle. NMVTIS title information includes the current titling state, odometer at the time of title, brand, junk and salvage records, and insurer information. The state titling information identifies where the vehicle is titled and how often it has been retitled, possibly identifying how often the vehicle’s ownership has changed.


A title brand is the official record of damage or other information about a vehicle that could affect its value or ability to operate it safely. Through a title check, junk records identify vehicles that are incapable of operating on public streets or highways and have no value except as a source for parts. Salvage records identify vehicles that have been damaged by some event (i.e. collision, flood, etc.). VINsmart offers direct links to each titling-state in case the consumer wants to inquire about additional vehicle information.


VINsmart reports also incorporate data from industry partners to help consumers determine if this is the vehicle for them.This includes J.D. Power® and Black Book® vehicle market valuations, vehicle trim specifications, recall data, and information used by investigators to identify the current lienholder, records of export, impound and/or auction sales.

  • The current and previous state of title data
  • The title issue date
  • The odometer data when registration
  • Any "brands" assigned to the vehicle and the date it was applied
  • Any salvage history available (see note below)
  • Insurer reporting of the vehicle, including designations as a "total loss"


If for any reason, a report we deliver does not have information from the NMVTIS database, we will gladly issue a credit towards your next car history report, or refund your money, minus a $2 processing fee, no questions asked.

Please Note: What May Not Be In The Report

All reliable vehicle history reports include data from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), but information from this database is not always complete. All states, insurance companies, and junk and salvage yards are required by law to report information to NMVTIS, but not all do. In addition, some states are not yet providing their vehicle data to the system.

VINsmart reports are the only reports on the market to include vehicle valuations from two independent sources, J.D. Power and Black Book.

The report does not include owner or lienholder information, accident, or repair history. It does include title history, current and past states of title, and contact information for the titling jurisdictions.


What’s unique about VINsmart reports?

Each VINsmart vehicle history report includes NMVTIS-specific data, as well as J.D. Power and Black Book vehicle valuations. We protect you from fraud and help you determine if a particular car is right for you and at what price.

What happens if I lose my report? Can I get a new copy?

Yes. As a VINsmart registered consumer or dealer, you can go to your menu and select “My Account” and “History.” This displays dates of reports that were generated, allowing you to click to view.

How often do I need to pull a report?

If your report is more than 30 days old, its information may no longer be valid. Vehicle histories change quickly, so you will benefit from a fresh report.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes. We have apps for Apple iOS devices, available on the Apple Store. Simply search for VINsmart and download!


  • NMVTIS National Motor Vehicle Title Information Systems
  • J.D. Power
  • Black Book
  • NVS - National Vehicle Service