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2008 Mercury Mariner-V6
Body Type

Utility 4d Premier 4WD


Premier 4WD

Manufactured in

United States

Odometer Reading


Engine type

2.4L L4 DOHC 16V

Fuel Economy CIty(MPG)


Fuel Economy Highway



4-speed Automatic


5 amigos

Vehicle Valuation by NADA
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We scanned your VIN and based on real factors you could get up to $6,975 for your vehicle!

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    We verify that the VIN you input is valid and has a value assigned. Note this will only work for cars registered in the U.S.

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    Buy the report for $9.95 and you’ll have the full picture of your car’s value based on its condition. You can even upgrade to a full vehicle history report.

Assess Your Vehicle’s Condition

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  • $3,900
    Average Trade In Value
  • $4,175
    Loan Value
  • $6,975
    Retail Value
  • $3,025
    Rough Trade in Value
  • $4,625
    Trade In Value
  • Our valuations are based on industry-standard conditions. Not sure what condition your car is in? Read the descriptions below.


    A rough designation implies significant mechanical and body repairs are required to restore the car to a reasonable running condition.


    An average rating means the vehicle is mechanically sound but may need minor repairs or services to pass necessary inspections.


    A clean designation means no mechanical defects and a clean title. The car will pass inspection standards.

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Need more info? Upgrade to a full vehicle history report.

Upgraded Vehicle History Report Includes:

  • Registrations
  • Clear Title History
  • Vehicle Value
  • Salvage & Damage Check
  • Odometer Rollbacks
  • Recall History
  • Lien/lease data
  • and more
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