Car Lien Lease Information

A vehicle car lien check searches for any liens currently attached to the vehicle you’re looking to buy or sell. A lender that owns the lien on a vehicle can actually hold the new owner responsible for the amount owed by the person who initially financed the vehicle.

Car lien lease information is crucial when buying or selling a car. Correcting a car lien after the vehicle has been purchased can be very stressful and a huge inconvenience. A car lien check can prevent that. VINSmart has partnered with the National Vehicle Service (NVS) which facilitates the sharing of public information and vehicle finance lien information.

car lien check

Car Lien Check

VINSmart vehicle history reports include this valuable car lien lease information by identifying any lien holders on record. This same car lien check will also identify any vehicles currently owned by leasing companies. In addition, NVS’s car lien/lease check will alert you if the vehicle has been impounded, which could result in some additional fees or fines if not addressed quickly.

Car lien lease information is a critical portion of the VINSmart vehicle history report and an important factor to consider before buying a used car. Don’t let misinformation become a costly mistake, use VINSmart so you know before you buy.

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