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Model Recall No. Receipt Date Component(s)
LOW FLOOR 20V392000 07/02/2020 Steering:hydraulic power assist:pump
LOW FLOOR 20V179000 03/25/2020 Electrical system:wiring:fuses and circuit breakers
LOW FLOOR 19V193000 03/08/2019 Exterior lighting:headlights
LOW FLOOR 18V789000 11/09/2018 Service brakes, air; parking brake:conventional:air
LOW FLOOR 18V511000 08/09/2018 Exterior lighting:turn signal
LOW FLOOR 18V418000 06/20/2018 Exterior lighting:turn signal; exterior lighting:turn signal:flasher unit
LOW FLOOR 17V559000 09/08/2017 Steering:hydraulic power assist system; steering:electric power assist system
LOW FLOOR 17V119000 02/24/2017 Exterior lighting:turn signal
LOW FLOOR 16V662000 09/14/2016 Service brakes, air:supply:hoses, lines/piping, and fittings
LOW FLOOR 16V451000 06/21/2016 Exterior lighting:brake lights
LOW FLOOR 16V011000 01/13/2016 Seats
LOW FLOOR 15V888000 12/30/2015 Service brakes, hydraulic
LOW FLOOR 15V420000 07/01/2015 Electrical system:wiring:front underhood
LOW FLOOR 15V295000 05/19/2015 Exterior lighting:tail lights
LOW FLOOR 15V262000 05/05/2015 Engine and engine cooling:engine
LOW FLOOR 15V219000 04/14/2015 Service brakes, air:disc
LOW FLOOR 14V547000 09/10/2014 Service brakes, air
LOW FLOOR 14V521000 08/28/2014 Fuel system, diesel
LOW FLOOR 14V459000 07/28/2014 Service brakes, air:disc
LOW FLOOR 14V358000 06/23/2014 Engine and engine cooling:engine
LOW FLOOR 14V222000 04/25/2014 Electrical system:wiring
LOW FLOOR 14V084000 02/27/2014 Engine and engine cooling:engine

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