2014 MAZDA
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16 Records Found

Model Recall No. Receipt Date Component(s)
CX-9 18V717000 10/12/2018 Air bags:frontal:passenger side:inflator module
MAZDA3 17V393000 06/22/2017 Parking brake
MAZDA6 17V393000 06/22/2017 Parking brake
MAZDA3 16V684000 09/22/2016 Fuel system, gasoline:storage:tank assembly
MAZDA5 16V644000 09/06/2016 Structure:body:hatchback/liftgate
CX-5 16V644000 09/06/2016 Structure:body:hatchback/liftgate
CX-9 16V203000 04/11/2016 Steering
MAZDA2 16V203000 04/11/2016 Steering
CX-5 16V203000 04/11/2016 Steering
CX-5 16V064000 02/03/2016 Fuel system, gasoline:storage:tank assembly:filler pipe and cap
CX-5 16E002000 01/19/2016 Visibility:windshield
CX-9 15V451000 07/20/2015 Suspension:front:control arm:lower arm; suspension:front:control arm:lower ball joint
MAZDA6 14V675000 10/27/2014 Tires:pressure monitoring and regulating systems
MAZDA6 14V170000 04/03/2014 Fuel system, gasoline:storage:tank assembly
MAZDA3 14V173000 04/03/2014 Electrical system:alternator/generator/regulator
MAZDA6 14V173000 04/03/2014 Electrical system:alternator/generator/regulator

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