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Vehicle Recalls

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23 Records Found

Model Recall No. Receipt Date Component(s)
SERVICE BODY 19V259000 03/29/2019 Structure:body:roof and pillars
CLASSIC AMERICAN TROLLEY 19V160000 03/01/2019 Equipment adaptive
CURTAINSIDE 18V541000 08/16/2018 Exterior lighting
KOLD KING 18V256000 04/20/2018 Structure
SERVICE BODY 18V168000 03/09/2018 Equipment
KOLD KING 18V168000 03/09/2018 Equipment
INER-CITY 18V168000 03/09/2018 Equipment
SIGNATURE VAN 18V168000 03/09/2018 Equipment
KOLD KING 17V369000 06/08/2017 Exterior lighting
SIGNATURE VAN 17V369000 06/08/2017 Exterior lighting; exterior lighting
SPARTAN TRUCK BODY 16V742000 10/14/2016 Structure:body:hatchback/liftgate
KOLD KING 16V742000 10/14/2016 Structure:body:hatchback/liftgate
INER-CITY 16V742000 10/14/2016 Structure:body:hatchback/liftgate
SIGNATURE VAN 16V742000 10/14/2016 Structure:body:hatchback/liftgate
CLASSIC AMERICAN TROLLEY 16V298000 05/13/2016 Seats
KOLD KING 16V296000 05/12/2016 Exterior lighting
INER-CITY 16V296000 05/12/2016 Exterior lighting
SIGNATURE VAN 16V296000 05/12/2016 Exterior lighting
SENATOR HD 14V662000 10/21/2014 Equipment adaptive
CANDIDATE II 14V662000 10/21/2014 Equipment adaptive
CANDIDATE 14V662000 10/21/2014 Equipment adaptive
SENATOR II 14V662000 10/21/2014 Equipment adaptive
SENATOR 14V662000 10/21/2014 Equipment adaptive

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