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Vehicle Recall


20 records retrieved

Model Recall No. Receipt Date Component(s)
XPEDITOR 20V417000 07/20/2020 Structure:frame and members
XPEDITOR 20V257000 05/07/2020 Traction control system; traction control system
XPEDITOR 20V257000 05/07/2020 Traction control system
XPEDITOR 20V013000 01/15/2020 Electrical system:ignition
XSPOTTER 19V922000 12/27/2019 Electrical system; exterior lighting:headlights
XSPOTTER 19V923000 12/27/2019 Power train:automatic transmission:gear position indication (prndl)
XPEDITOR 19V456000 06/17/2019 Structure:frame and members
XPEDITOR 19V091000 02/15/2019 Parking brake:conventional:air
XPEDITOR 18V165000 03/12/2018 Electrical system:wiring
XPEDITOR 17V783000 12/07/2017 Electrical system:wiring:fuses and circuit breakers; visibility:defroster/defogger/hvac system
XSPOTTER 17V049000 01/23/2017 Interior lighting
XPEDITOR 16V855000 11/28/2016 Electrical system:ignition
XPERT 16V723000 10/07/2016 Steering:linkages
XSPOTTER 16V723000 10/07/2016 Steering:linkages
XPEDITOR 16V720000 10/07/2016 Steering:linkages
XSPOTTER 16V599000 08/15/2016 Steering:column
XPEDITOR 16V394000 06/02/2016 Engine and engine cooling:engine:diesel
XPEDITOR 16V316000 05/18/2016 Suspension:rear:axle:spindle
XPERT 16V319000 05/18/2016 Suspension:rear:axle:spindle
XSPOTTER 16V319000 05/18/2016 Suspension:rear:axle:spindle