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2017 BUICK

Vehicle Recall


11 records retrieved

Model Recall No. Receipt Date Component(s)
ENVISION 18V358000 05/31/2018 Fuel system, gasoline:delivery:fuel pump
ENCORE 17V437000 07/10/2017 Air bags:frontal; air bags:frontal:sensor/control module
ENCORE 17V437000 07/10/2017 Seat belts:pretensioner
ENVISION 17V412000 06/29/2017 Structure
ENVISION 17V404000 06/27/2017 Seats:front assembly:head restraint; equipment
LACROSSE 17V267000 04/21/2017 Suspension:rear
LACROSSE 17V116000 02/23/2017 Steering:electric power assist system
ENCORE 16V651000 09/08/2016 Air bags:frontal; air bags:frontal:sensor/control module
ENCORE 16V651000 09/08/2016 Seat belts:pretensioner
ENVISION 16V516000 07/07/2016 Equipment:other:labels
VERANO 16V502000 07/05/2016 Power train:automatic transmission:control module (tcm, pcm); electrical system:ignition