Vehicle Recall


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Model Recall No. Receipt Date Component(s)
SLINGSHOT 19V750000 10/18/2019 Electrical system:wiring:fuses and circuit breakers
SLINGSHOT 18V531000 08/15/2018 Seat belts:front:retractor
SLINGSHOT 18V321000 05/16/2018 Service brakes, hydraulic:pedals and linkages
SLINGSHOT 18V195000 03/26/2018 Seat belts; seats
SLINGSHOT 17V357000 06/01/2017 Service brakes, hydraulic:antilock/traction control/electronic limited slip:wheel speed sensor; traction control system
SLINGSHOT 17V158000 03/10/2017 Steering; suspension:front
SLINGSHOT 16V755000 10/19/2016 Power train:driveline
SLINGSHOT 16V752000 10/18/2016 Service brakes, hydraulic
SLINGSHOT 16V754000 10/18/2016 Fuel system, gasoline:delivery:hoses, lines/piping, and fittings